The conversion to organic farming was completed in 2008. The idea had already been rooted in people's minds for a long time....
Hélène has a humanist vision of the vine. Working your plots in organic farming is a way of life before even being a way of farming.

The result of organic farming is the tasting: the fruit, the finesse and concentration, but above all the soul of the parcels that resonates in each wine.
Hélène vigneronne creates wines in her image. Wines of freedom that she raises like her children with wisdom, patience and love.

And biodynamics so ?

Last experimentation of the domain, in 2021, some hectares are worked in biodynamy.
The principle is to work according to an astrological rhythm, but also to consider the soils, the vines, the environmental and climatic elements as "a whole".
We use decoctions, or "preparations" that promote the renewal of the soil, the balance of the leaves, and help to improve the natural defenses.
Those technics also help to preserve the soil and its living organisms in the case of monocultures.